Roxanne seems like the most laid back person of the group, but once in a fight, she can turn into quite the brutal savage. When rubbed the wrong way, she will not hesitate to either bring down or humiliate whoever starts the heat with her kama hooks. She is know in the group to also be a smart aleck as well as a sarcastic wise-cracker.


Clara is the oldest of the group who is trying to restart her life in a more peaceful manner, yet is haunted by her involvement in ninja legion and their bloodshed. However, when needed, she will spring into action with her trusty katana blade as she is known to be the most trained of the three for any situation. Each day, she walks the fine line of rather going towards her more selfish needs to leave everything behind and always having the team’s back, but is will also try to keep her image as a "leader" figure.


Ninja Pizza Girls

Plot Summary:

They were once part of a rising underground legion of ninja clans until they are hunted for the murder of the main leader. Escaping with their heads in tacked, Clara, Lucy, and Roxanne escape from Japan to America to start a new life of peace and quiet. And what better way to live in peace than to live in a small town while taking up a job delivering pizza. Things however take a turn for the worst when they met by multiple members of each clan who had made their way to America. Now they must protect their new home from those who haunt them for their past mistakes.


Known for being the most bright and overly-energized of the group, Lucy always tries to find ways to keep any situation upbeat, even if sometimes it is completely uncalled for or backfires on her.  She is the most agile of the team as she uses her jumps and flips to her advantage as well as her spinning manriki chain. No matter what the case is, she is always willing to crack a smile and support those closest to her.