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Prepare for the next chapter in the bizarre and eerie misadventures of Erma. This time, with all new never-before-seen strips on every page EXCLUSIVELY for the book!

Spirit's Bloom

by Brandon Santiago (Author, Illustrator)

Erma #2

by Brandon Santiago (Author, Illustrator)


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Witness the beginning of a grave-crossed love and the prequel to the Erma web comic series, as we meet the parents of the ghostly little girl in their younger years and how they came to know one another.

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​​​Price: $4.99

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This is the story of a little girl named Erma, who is enjoying life in the suburbs going to school, hanging out with friends, and even spending time with the family. What is the catch? She is a ghost. Enjoy her antics in 22 strips from the original web series and 12 never-before-seen pages EXCLUSIVE to the book!

Erma #1

by Brandon Santiago (Author, Illustrator)

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